Boiler Repair in Bristol

We know there is nothing worse than when your boiler stops working, but we have you covered. We have qualified, dedicated plumbers and electricians working all over Bristol to undertake emergency boiler repairs.

We are Bristol plumbers offering professional boiler repair to anyone with a Bristol postcode. Whatever the issue, we pride ourselves in the highest standards.


Mobile boiler repairs

We cover the whole of Bristol via our cargo bikes. This means that we can get to your property for boiler repairs in ultra-fast time. If your boiler needs repairing we can get to you quickly without sitting in traffic. As a result our boiler repair service is swift and gets you a working boiler in no time.

So if you’re a landlord or homeowner in Bristol, please get in touch.

How we get to you

We cater to the whole of Bristol (anywhere with a BS postcode) by riding our cargo bikes directly to you. Designed in Oxfordshire by EAV Ltd, the bikes can carry 150kg of cargo, with a range of 40 miles and a top speed of 15mph.

They’re made from recyclable and sustainably sourced materials. They can ride in bike lanes. And, of course, they have zero emissions.

What our customers say…

A very efficient outfit with an eco twist. On time, clean, tidy and very professional. Brought a smile to my face as I watched Sam pedal off on the Nippy bike. Highly recommended

Mr Wetton, Hanham, Bristol

Our boiler servicing has always been carried out by West Country but this time we were notified that their sister company nippychecks would be carrying out the service. We were delighted when Nippy appeared and Sam explained the plan for an eco solution for the Bristol area! The work was done in the usual professional manner and we look forward to seeing Nippy yearly from now on.

Oliver White, Kingswood, Bristol

nippychecks serviced our boiler an also fixed the expansion vessel which was causing the boiler to lose pressure. Fantastic service and the vehicles are great for our city!

The Price family, Redland, Bristol

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